War On Facilities

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02 December 2011

War On Facilities:
Fighting to Keep Open

It is not the first time that the Canadian government has tried to shut down facilities and discontinue services. It has happened with the Coast Guard and Search and Rescue in Newfoundland, and it is also why there are no recon/rescue capabilities in the Arctic. The government has not only shut down services for the communities but has also tried to shut down programs such as ballot stations, which goes against constitutional rights to vote. What is most disturbing is that the federal government has tried to shut down health care service facilities, even though the Conservative Party of Canada has claimed that it will take care of its citizens... View More »

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A new study at the B.C Centre of Excellence in HIV/AIDS conducted by physicians and researchers says, “The federal government continues to invest heavily in policies and practices that have been repeatedly shown in the scientific literature to be ineffective or harmful,” (Globe and Mail). This statement says that the current action plan is dysfunctional when it comes to treating illicit drug addicts. The focus should be turned towards targeted harm prevention for those who need it. Schools and scholarly institutions frequently invite guest speakers to talk about drugs to enrich the knowledge of those who are already established within the community. The focus should be on the citizens who are part of the low percentage that are not attending school because they are on the street desperately searching for what they are not educated on—drugs. Facilities such as Insite educate their clients on the drugs they are injecting and enable them to become aware of what exactly it is that they are doing to themselves (Insite). This SIF encourages the clients to move toward rehabilitation programs.

Dr. Mate has personally worked with opioid drug addicts and his research says that the drugs themselves are not actually addicting, contrary to common belief (Why Punish 25). Only a small percentage of injectable drug users (IDU’s) become addicted to drugs, not because of the content of the opioids, but because of the chemical and emotional makeup of their brains (Why Punish 25). Dr. Mate explains that the brain develops after birth and that neurological development is determined by ...

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