Will The Real John Callahan Please Stand Up?

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This quasi memoir is written by a man named John Callahan, a cartoonist. Initially flipping through the pages, it seems to be a rather childish book with cartoons riddled all throughout it. However, it is far from childish. John Callahan is a man who became quadriplegic due to a car accident, which he explains in the book. The book is hardly structured as a flowing story as you would expect, rather it is an accumulation of stories throughout his life. The book is set up in two ways: either he is telling a story about an event in his life and he illustrates it with cartoons, or he shares previously drawn cartoons (published or not) and describes events occurring around it. He is cynical in nature, although it is hard to tell if... View More »

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He expresses his anger through his cartoons by letting people know that people with disabilities may not always be sensitive and sad when it comes to their disability. People with disabilities may in fact be angry and annoyed about their situation and towards the population who are not disabled. He tries to show his audience the flip side of the “pitiful person with a disability” and shows them that they are normal and just like everyone else; they are just as sick and twisted as the rest of the population.
He expresses guilt when telling a story about when his caretaker disappeared on him while he was trying to transfer John Callahan to the bed while he was naked. His caretaker, Bill, had disappeared for such a long period of time that John Callahan began to panic and worry if he would ever come back. He worried also because the front door was open for the world to see him and his nakedness. John Callahan knew full well that Bill would come back, and he felt guilty about feeling these feelings, even though he has gone through this many times. In one of his comics, titled “The Lighter Side of Being Paralyzed for Life,” John Callahan tells a story about how he initially became paralyzed, but in the second frame, he says that, looking back, he wished he and his friend (who were drinking) did not drive their car into a billboard at 90 miles per hour.
Lastly, of course he felt fear. Much of his fear sounded like it was not coming from a paralyzed man; fears that were normal. He feared how he talked to Bob Dylan, a musician he admired, and how he talked to women; more ...

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