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In the Eric Smith Senior Recital, the performers were students playing various instruments including trumpet, piano, acoustic bass guitar, acoustic guitar, trombone, alto saxophone, and the tenor saxophone. In total, five songs were played, but the first song did not start with a build-up. It started with loud dynamics and with an instantly fast beat. There were three solos, the first being trombone, the second as trumpet, and the third being bass guitar. The trumpet solo had really powerful dynamics along with some blues notes. The third solo, the acoustic bass guitar, which played a solo in every song played, played with only the drums and the acoustic guitar playing silently in the background. Once the bass guitarist’s solo ended, a slight change of tempo occurred and everyone comes back into the melody, ending it smoothly. This first song was definitely a high-energy song that sounded more traditional rather than modern. It was a good choice as a first and opening song because it pumped up the audience immediately instead of building up to a good song.

The last song was even more powerful than the first song. It was a high-energy song which sounded more modern and was a perfect way to end the recital because it leaves the audience with an uplifting and awakened feeling. There were four solos, bass guitar, trombone, trumpet, and then alto saxophone. In my opinion, the first solo, the bass guitar, did not match the beat that the drums and piano were giving. It just felt off from the song, where as the other three solos blended a little better with the song while still popping out as a solo. The trombone was smooth, but was short in comparison to everyone else’s solo. The trumpet, just as all his other solos throughout the recital, were extremely powerful and had a lot of blues notes. It was easy to tell that he was giving a lot of feeling and emotion to his solo because he was moving his body a lot to the beat. To end this last song, they all played together, a View More »

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