Feeding A Nation

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Philosophy 2

To refute Mcmahan’s argument we must first establish the premises behind it. Mcmahan basically states that animal suffer when they are killed, animal suffering is like human suffering, we intervene when humans suffering, therefore animal suffering is bad and we should stop all animal suffering, and to stop all animal suffering means the desire of the extinction of all carnivorous species.
The big problem that can be seen in this argument is when it comes down to to human suffering being the same as animal suffering. This premise is very much based on Singer’s argument that states: equality requires equal consideration of interests, if something can suffer it has interests, animals can suffer,... View More »

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Based on this dispellment of Singer’s argument and in turn Mcmahan’s premise, there then is no valid reason behind Mcmahan’s conclusion that we should desire the extinction of all carnivores just because animals suffer. So what if they suffer? It isn’t inherently bad, only human suffering is bad because humans actually have interests, and if they don’t it’s not crucial to our economy nor efficient to mass produce mentally retarded humans, which is why we don’t.

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