How The Electric Guitar Came To Be

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Musicians stand on the stage holding such a powerful instrument. It is wired up and connected to the amplifier to magnify the instrument’s various sounds. To the guitarists, it is the object that creates the sounds the audience asks for. Little do people really know how this instrument came to be. The electric guitar is a stringed instrument with a wooden body and wooden neck that has electrical or magnetic pickups used to amplify the sound the guitar creates. Just like most electrical instruments that exist today, the electric guitar was made from the basis of the regular acoustic guitar.

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More experiments were done and by 1940, guitarist and inventor Les Paul simply put strings and pickups “on a solid block of pine” (Invention) in order to decrease the vibrations of the body even more. Around the same time, Paul Bigsby and Leo Fender were also doing their own experiments with solid-body guitars. This was the birth of a new era of guitars.

Les Paul and Leo Fender weren’t just two random names who had small contributions to the history of the electric guitar. These two created the fundamentals of what the electric guitar is today. In the modern day, when someone hears the names Fender or Gibson, the instant thought goes to the major guitar companies. These names go hand-in-hand because they were and still are each other’s competitor. Gibson became a major competitor against Fender because celebrity guitarist Les Paul supported and contributed to the company. Leo Fender wasn’t a guitarist, just a radio repairman, but guitarists constantly brought their external pickups to him for repair. Because of these constant guitar repairs, he eventually began crafting his own solid-body electric guitars. A couple notable guitars made by Fender are the Broadcaster (renamed Telecaster) and the Stratocaster which is “a flashier instrument featuring a contoured, double-cutaway body, three (as opposed to two) single-coil pickups and a revolutionary string-bending (tremolo) unit” (Leo Fender Biography).

Les Paul, on the other hand, was a guitarist since he was nine years old, and was already performing semi-professionally at thirteen years old. His greatest achievement ...

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