J K Rowling And Her Wonderful Daughters

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As a worldwide phenomenon, both as books and movies, the Harry Potter

saga has received many criticism regarding the story, the characters and the

messages given to the public. A very complex and still unsolved discussion is

about gender and the idea that women in the saga, from the students to the

teachers or other adult characters, are less stronger than men. Like Elisabeth

Heilman suggests, women in Harry Potter are less brave and less important

than men. They are basically just supporting characters.

Another criticism was made in an article in January 2000, by the journalist

Christine Schoefer.

She criticizes the setting and characterization of the Harry Potter series,

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To me, that takes courage and not just brain.

Her Intelligence shows to be the key to the solution of more complex

and dangerous situations. Just think of all the help she gives Harry and Ron.

The second year gives them information on the basilisk for instance.

The last book clearly shows how strong she is: when Ron leaves, she remains

strong and helps Harry in every way. She knows they have to go on and

continue their mission. She is intelligent, clever, book-smart, level-headed.

And she is a supporting character. This doesn’t seem a sufficient reason to

say she is not strong. She is a support to Harry. And if she hadn’t been there

all the time, where would Harry and Ron be? Would they still be able to solve

problems on their own? She is fondamental in the story. That’s probably why

the soarting hat sorted her in Gryffindor, rather than Ravenclaw. She’s

intelligent, but also brave.

And now another example. Another girl. She’s certainly less important as a

character, but she is, in my opinion, really brave: Ginny Weasley.

A forceful, indipendent girl; she often knows her mind. She is very shy in the

first two books, but later on show sto be very brave and strong. She is also

very talented in quidditch. She never cries. Even when Harry leaves her for

her safety, knowing that Voldemort would try to use her to get to him, she

doesn’t cry.

Moreover, when she returns to Hogwarts, she, Neville and Luna try,

unsuccessfully, to steal the Gryffindor sword, and then they reunite the

Dumbledore’s ...

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