The Impact Of Culture On Design

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Popular Culture, Mass Culture, Consumer Culture are terms that attempt to clarify what, exactly culture is in the modern, industrialized world. The term “consumer culture” refers to cultures in which mass consumption and production both fuel the economy and shape perceptions, values, desires, and constructions of personal identity. Economic developments, demographic trends, and new technologies profoundly influence the scope and scale of consumer culture. This essay will examine the significance of a sound understanding of consumer culture and behaviour, and identify the effects these have on a casino operation and design.

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In general, table players do not like the noise of slot machines because they find it distracting. At the same time, however, spouses or partners of table players will often play at a nearby slot machine. Thus casinos are planned such that there are slot machines lining walkways around tables. However, these slots are always tight. This cuts down on the noise and distraction to table players, and makes sense because the majority of players on these machines are playing spontaneously, with little expectation of winning. This demonstrates to what degree casino layouts are optimized, in this case, to the point that a complex system is implemented simply to clean up loose change from spontaneous players. Aspers casino in Swansea was one of the first new build casinos under the new 2005 gaming act and due to its location took advantage of the relaxation in membership. 20,000-30,000 people pass its main reception over a weekend night out.
With this type of cliental passing through it doors the main bar area was situated close to the main entrance with an open plan view of the gaming facilities, with the restaurant positioned at the far end of the casino adjacent to the quieter rear entrance.

A study by Bowen and Lawler suggested that companies can clearly benefit by increasing the lifetime spending of their customers. So by ensuring effective customer service casinos can increase customer loyalty which in turn will benefit the casino over the time. Therefore casino managers should pay special attention as to how to serve these customers effectively.

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