Who Is To Blame?

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As it starts to get busy, lines begin to pile up deep within the aisles. I try my best to keep orders quick so each customer can get out as fast as possible, but occasionally there are times when a situation causes me to stop beyond my control. Sometimes it is for a manager to scan liquor or alcohol because I am not 21 years old yet, and other times it is when a customer has an issue with the order. Well it did not take long for me to check out someone who had a problem with one of the prices in his order, and back then, I thought that he could not possibly be correct. On the contrary, he was the one who believed me to be incorrect. My work place is a grocery store called Jewel Osco and my position is in the front-end department as a... View More »

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It turns out that the chips were the correct price, but they were on the wrong part of the shelf. Which means that I was not wrong, nor the customers that were rejected by me. My manager then fixed the problem but I felt bad from turning down all those customers, it was only an error on the shelf, not them reading the price tags wrong. This shows that it is was not just one factor in play, but a sequence of events that led up to this confusion. The chips were in the wrong position, customer read wrong tag according to chip position, chips ring up different from shelf price and another worker reads the other price tag.

Not only were the items in the wrong location, but the tags were just baffling. I actually have experience with price tags fooling me; the trick is in the way the tags appear. They have the sale price big and bold, but some, small fine print that has certain requirements in order to get that price. Usually the requirements are buy three or four of that item, but it is conveniently easy to overlook that part. I know of co-workers, managers and even family members who share the same problem with the tags, and they even react the same way as the customers do sometimes. Since many people (including myself) are deceived by the price tags, I now consider that the tags are tricky when dealing with price checks. It still is one of the things on my hate-to-do list but I try my best to demonstrate patience with the customer. It gave me the knowledge of knowing I cannot assume that I am correct or that the customer is incorrect, when there can be numerous factors ...

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