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How Does Michael Frayn Portray The Character Of Stephen

When we first meet Stephen, he is described by his older self Stefan. This is the only description we get of Stephen and, as many of us do, his older self picks out all the negative things about him- “the too-short grey flannel school shirt hanging out of the too-long...

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1950 S American Culture

At the end of the Second World War many Americans feared there would be a subsequent drop in military spending that would bring back the hard times of the Great Depression. But instead, pent-up consumer demand fueled remarkably strong economic growth in the postwar period. The automobile industry successfully converted...

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Modernism In Bliss By Katherine Mansfield

Modernism in Bliss by Katherine Mansfield ‘Bliss’ by Katherine Mansfield could be read as sentimental prose however, it is a revolutionary Modernist story still being read and analysed in the 21st century. It is the story of Bertha Young, a ‘happy’ housewife and Mother. Set in one day as Bertha...

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