What Are The Causes Of Homelessness

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For my final assignment I have decided to do it on the increasing situation of homelessness. On May 21, 2002, residents of Canada’s largest city woke up to a shocking dose of reality. The headline of The Toronto Star that day read: “ Secret Video Exposes Plight of Homeless.” The article reported on a video taken with a hidden camera at one of Toronto’s most crowded homeless shelters.( Stearman, p. 5.).The bodies of homeless men and women were shown jammed together. It was noted that United Nations standards fro refugee camps require 4.5 to 5 square metres per person, yet the video clearly showed four people sharing an area of the... View More »

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“ Homelessness does not occur in a social vacuum. In general, the events, that make people homeless are initiated and controlled by other people whom our society allows to engage in the various enterprises that contribute to the homelessness s of others. The primary purpose of these enterprises is not to make people homeless but rather, to achieve socially condoned aims such as making a living, becoming rich, obtaining a more desirable home, increasing the efficiency in the workplace, promoting the growth of cultural institutions, giving cities a competitive advantage, or helping local or federal governments to balance their budgets or limit their debts. Homelessness occurs as a side effect.

Yet, it is a consequence of these enterprises, and therefore the discourse on homelessness must be broadened to reach into those areas of housing, income, production, health care, and family life where the events and people contributing to homelessness are situated.” ( Jahiel, ch.18) .

Why does Homelessness cause so much Confusion and Debate?

While there should be no dificulty in understanding the nature of the problem,there is indeed a great deal of confusin and debate. Service providers, policy makers, researchers, citizens, and politicians tend to use the term in many different ways. The confusion is due the influence of political agendas, the heterogenity of ...

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