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Every person has the freedom of speech. Every person has the freedom to roam, the right to access publically owned land. Every person has the basic right of freedom from discrimination regardless of race, religion or culture. You have the right to all of these things. However, in recent years, as a resident of the Cronulla Beaches, these rights have become threatened. I’d like to welcome you to emergency town hall meeting tonight. As the mayor of Cronulla, it is with great regret that it could not be on more pleasant terms, but in light of the recent gang warfare, having together watched this documentary, Bra Boys, and been witness to lies, deception and manipulation of facts presented to audiences,... View More »

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But what we are dealing with today is their actions in the present. Bashings, stabbings, gang warfare, shootings and illegal drug dealings are the decisions of grown men. They take no responsibility for their actions, but blame it on their past. While some boys may have suffered unconventional upbringings, this is no excuse to turn this back upon society.

So obviously, we all know that before this documentary was released, the Bra Boys already held a strong reputation as a notorious gang, known for their violence and brutality in the community. Understandably, audiences’ trust wasn’t an automatic given. So what did Abberton do? He brought in Russell Crowe; Academy award winning, well known Australian actor. While his famish and familiar voice may be thought of as trustworthy and believable by audiences, let me remind you that Crowe not only known for his acting, but also his fiery temper and aggressive behavior. In fact, in 2005 Crowe faced second degree assault charges in New York for assaulting a fellow colleague. Essentially, it is unsurprising that Crowe supports the Bra Boys! He too has been involved in his fair share of violence and aggressive conduct. Narration of this documentary by a popular Australian icon positions viewers to believe and trust what they are hearing, but in reality, audiences are once again subject to the voice of another bias and violent person.

It doesn’t stop here though. Throughout the documentary, audiences are inaccurately led to believe that any incidences involving violence or ...

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