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In the speech about chili peppers, the speaker used the organizational pattern of topical for his informative speech. For his particular speech, topical was effective because he was giving an overall informative speech about chili peppers. Chronological wouldn’t have worked because he didn’t only want to talk about their history. He didn’t want to talk about pros and con’s either, and compare and contrast wouldn’t work as well because he didn’t only want to talk about each individual pepper. His main points in this speech were the chili pepper’s history, an explanation to why they are spicy, what you should do when you eat a pepper that is too hot, and ways to use these chili peppers other than in food, in that order. With these main points, his organizational pattern of topical is effective.
The speaker used a power point as his visual aid as well as physical examples of peppers (the habanera and green bell peppers). The way he used this power point is by showing the audience new, complicated, or different words, as well as maps when talking about history, and pictures of certain peppers and their insides when talking about why they are spicy. He also used his physical visual aids to keep the attention of the audience and to prove the point of what he is talking about (such as not touching the habanera pepper). He didn’t rely or use the visual aid too much, which was effective because then the audience would have to pay attention to his instead of always expecting something to pop up on the screen.
As for the speaker’s delivery, he started off strong and hardly ever looked down at his note cards and maintained eye contact with the audience. He was consistently fluid when delivering his speech and took effective pauses throughout the speech. Each pause was never too short, nor too long. He also used his hands and body language effectively by pointing or holding the peppers to draw the audience’s attention to where he wants it to be. But towards the end of his spee View More »

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