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Said that there is so little fact to the charges against Clark. No cop, C.S.I., etc. could give any facts that Clark was the one in the doorway that pulled the trigger. Says the Prosecutors key witness had perjured herself so many times her testimony was almost useless and that her testimony is the only thing they have to go on because there is no science to say that Clark is the one that really did it. The EMT who was on the ground behind the ambulance couldn’t see the shooter but saw muzzle flashes and that the shooter wasn’t in the doorway. Says his testimony is of no help. Damien Joseph identified Clark after 10 months but 4 days after the incident couldn’t pick him out of a lineup saying it was too dark to see who was in the doorway and that he wasn’t sure. He did say that the shooter was off the porch and someone else was in the doorway. Says doing the best we can is not beyond a reasonable doubt. Ashley Slay 19 says Tequila Lewis and Jasmine Thurman were fighting over a stolen gun and after Jasmine had gotten a baseball bat and swung it at Tequila she hear/saw gunshot from the porch not the doorway and that she couldn’t identify Clark. April McKey couldn’t identify Clark as the shooter Bianca Hawk was curious about the ambulance on the street and decided to check it out. She made her way over and met up with Jasmine Thurman and a few other friends. She said she had a clear view and could put 4-5 men on the porch. She didn’t see the shooter and couldn’t say that Clark was the one that shoot her. The State Trooper that was at the scene was qualified and provided the basis of how extensively the crime scene was investigated. He said the defendants fingerprints weren’t on any casings or the gun that was used. Sergeant Ryer who was an expert witness said that the bullet casings didn’t say where the gun was fired from. Said the gunshot residue test wasn’t performed on Clark to ru View More »

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