Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema)

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Disaster management and prevention have become a prevalent topic as well as a major priority of today. Far too many fatal consequences are the results of inappropriately managed emergencies in vulnerable locations. Disasters may occur at any given time or place as well as in a natural form or as an act of terror. Often times, disasters occur suddenly and without warning whereas millions of Americans are faced with this horrific tragedy every year.

One of the most commonly known agencies of the federal government gained its notoriety during one of the United States’ deadliest disasters on record. Since its error-plaqued performance during the Hurrican Katrina era in 2005, this agency continues to be in need of image repair. Since its... View More »

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(Sebastian, E., 2007)

Thereafter, the Federal Civil Defense Administration created in the 1940s. In 1950, the Disaster Relief Act and the Federal Civil Defense Administration took form. The 1960s and 1970s experienced several disasters that warranted the response and recovery operations known as the Federal Disasters Assistance Administration. (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
Nonetheless, legislation expanded when the United States encountered natural disasters as Hurricane Carla, Betsy, Camille and Agnes between 1962 through 1972. Additionally, earthquakes impacted Alaska in 1964 and Southern California in 1971. New flood protection for homeowners became prevalent in the 1968 National Flood Insurance Act. Afterwards, the 1969 Disaster Relief Act evolved and warranted presidential representation to coordinate relief efforts of this magnitude. Ultimately, a process that afforded the president and avenue to declare disaster was established in the 1974 Disaster Relief Act. (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

The National Governor’s Association realized the emergency and disaster activities on the state and local levels were very large, fragmented, redundant and ineffective. The efficiency of government aid had become complexed; therefore, a reduction of some agencies would be beneficial. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter merged several federal emergency operations into one centralized agency. (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

The agency’s legislative process began under Executive Order 12127 whereas the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) became an ...

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