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To those of the church of Antioch,
My apostolic authority being fully credentialed will give the proclamation that those who promise are descendants not those who just abide by the law.
On my sailing back here Antioch I must confront the teachings of certain Jewish Christians. According to the Judaizers, those from Judea, you cannot be saved unless you are circumcised. They are proclaiming that a Gentile cannot become a descendant of Abraham or a full member of the family of God unless this procedure is done. This fear of circumcision among the Gentiles should not be forcefully put upon them. Take Cephas for instance, he ate with people who were not Jewish until some men James had sent arrived. Then Cephas... View More »

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Righteousness is found through faith and for everyone who believes.
You receive the Spirit not by doing the works of the law but by believing. Abraham inherited a promise not through the works of the law but through faith. Before Christ came the law was our pedagogue, now that Christ has came we are no longer subject to it. We are all children of God through faith. Obey the law THEN you will be accepted as a child of God? Judaizers, that is nonsense! Let yourselves be circumcised, the following of that law will not benefit you in anyway from Christ.
If you believe and are led by the Spirit there are no laws against peace and love. So then what is the function of the law? I will tell you what it is not. It does not make anyone righteous before God, it is not based on faith and it is not the basis of inheritance. However it is there for transgression. In order for sinners to know how sinful they really are, to recognize their deviance, God gave the law. By recognizing our sins it gives way to the gospel and leads us to justification, sanctification, and redemption. For before the Law was given, sin was in the world, but Sin is not reckoned when there is no Law.
The baptismal gift of grace is what we live under not the law. Do not give in to the desires of the flesh. For when the time comes to eat do not let one go hungry. It is not in God’s way to humiliate those who have nothing. Those who behave selfishly and take advantage of their status are forgetting Christ’s crucifixion. What are acceptable is love, kindness, generosity, joy, faithfulness, gentleness and self ...

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