Reflection 5: Your Last Writing Project

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The last major writing project I did was an art appreciation paper as my final exam for my senior year of AP Literature and Composition in high school. Just as the project is called, the purpose of the paper is to appreciate an art form that most people typically would not appreciate. My art form was calligraphy with a focus on Eastern calligraphy. The goal of the paper was to convince the rest of the class to appreciate the art form through our paper and presentation. Most of my beginning rough drafts were made with pencil and paper but eventually transferred to my laptop as a more solid version of the draft. I typically always start off with pencil and paper because I can more easily cross out bad ideas, and insert other ideas, instead... View More »

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I still have the same troubles with a connection to a thesis, and due dates were constant, so I also felt pressed for time. If I could change anything else, I would try to change up who I give my paper to for a proof-read. I always gave my papers to the same people, therefore not giving me a variety of responses. I believe that the knowledge that I know now about the paper and the grade I received would not affect how I would rewrite the paper because I believe I need more practice in drafting, among other things. ...

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