Should Ivy League Campuses Be Sanctuaries To Undocumented Immigrants

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In Ivy Leaguers Want Their Campuses to be ‘Sanctuaries’ From Trump Deportations, it discusses the movement of Ivy League schools wanting to have their campuses be sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants because of President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign to deport undocumented immigrants. Students, faculty, and alumni have all signed a letter stating what would like to happen for them and their families on campus. I chose to focus on this issue because with Trump becoming the new leader of our nation, he’s set how he wants to handle immigrant laws and deportation of undocumented immigrants. I have friends whose families are immigrants and have expressed their fear for their future of staying in America. I have also seen... View More »

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Universities are looking into hiring, which is stated in their petition letters, a dean and assistant dean of equity, diversity and inclusion. Also they want to create a resource center for students without documentation and establish a budget for helping those students. Lastly, they want to hire a mental health professional who specializes in helping people facing immigration and deportation matters and making an on-campus church a sanctuary. People that can help contribute to these ideas the university wants to do would be the people of the community or town the university is in and surrounding towns. On a bigger scale, maybe the mayor of the city could be a part of this change.

The factors that contributed to this issue being discussed is that the new president of our nation, Donald Trump, has proposed that he will deport all undocumented immigrants. It’s a pretty drastic move on the president-elect’s part because it’s not something the president would do. This is more of a move a dictator would do. He’s not showing that he’s for representing ALL the people of the United States, just a certain group of people. This scares many people living here, which has caused many protests around the country, as mentioned in the article.

In this article, the issue discussed is a social issue and can affect our society, as mentioned before. Looking at the sociological perspective, conflict theory, it emphasizes social inequality, which is very evident in this article. Rules are being applied unequally and basically punish a certain group of people. They haven’t done anything ...

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