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Grading on a curve tends to be a hot topic especially among students and teachers. Nobody wants a bad grade, but is the classic bell curve grading the way to go about things? The idea is that the grades in a class should overall match what is called a bell curve with the majority of grades falling in the B to C range with a couple D/F and a couple A. This is done by deciding the student’s grade not based upon the raw score but instead how their score compares to the other students’ scores. Authors Eugene Volokh and Adam Grant wrote articles for and against respectively on the issue. There are plenty of arguments on either side of grading on a standard bell curve which are important to keep in mind, however sometimes the... View More »

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This is an unrealistic message to send to students. In a work environment it pays in the long run to be cooperative and a good teammate. Employers look for individuals that can support others as they strive for their own personal success at the same time. The curve is teaching that the only way to succeed is for others to fail. It builds a “culture of cutthroat cooperation” (Grant). This is stating that students cooperate with each other in the classroom but each one is still in to beat out everybody else. It is a battle with the rest of the class to see who will end up with a good grade on the test or in the class. Both authors bring up good points on the grading curve, so if we put the best points of each together there can be a compromise. A different type of curve can appease both sides.

Looking at the arguments on both sides there seems that there should be a better way to grade. Grant, like Volokh, is a teacher and also wrote about his solution that he tested out on his students. After reading the arguments on both sides I have found that I really like Grant’s new grading strategy. The downsides of using the curve is specific to the traditional bell curve used, while the upsides dealt mainly with the importance of a curve in general. Grant came up with the idea of not completely discarding the idea of a curve, but simply curving in a different way. He made a rule that no student’s grade would be hurt because of another student’s success. This means he would only curve upwards. This allows for those struggling due to a difficult test to still get the curve they ...

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