Social Media Should Not Be Censored

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The right of free speech and the boundaries that separate it from hate speech has been an issue ever since the first social media network became public. However, in recent years the topic has become more and more heavily debated as controversial topics and social media networks efforts to censor them have become more prevalent. This debate has sparked the question of: do we as citizens believe social media networks should have the right to limit what it is we post and say on social media? The topic is far from black and white due to the possibility of horrible things being posted such as, explicit violence, racist remarks, and certain groups of people being harassed. However, social media networks should not have free range to censor... View More »

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In this article he brings into context an important view that is often neglected, and that is that a majority group can also be oppressed. He also writes that, “they think oppression against designated villain groups is impossible. They would laugh out loud at the notion that a “racist, xenophobic” purveyor of “hate speech” — with “privilege” dripping from his every pore — could complain about being oppressed.” This quote that the author says, talks about how as a society we have had instances where we ignore what the majority have to say because we think their problems can’t be anywhere near as bad as that of a minority group’s. While maybe not as dire, that majority group still has just as much a right to be heard as the minority group. By giving social media networks the power to choose what is right and wrong through their own definitions, it gives them the power to shut out the voices of both minority and majority groups. Another important topic discussed in this article, is that what is seen as ‘bad’ or ‘offensive’ varies from person to person. Hayward says, “We are told to accept this new, constrained view of free expression because only “bad” thoughts will be suppressed, but as demonstrated, the definition of bad-thought becomes elastic very quickly, and the ability to write those definitions is a source of incredible power.” What he means is that because of previous life experiences and beliefs, what a person thinks should be taken down varies from person to person. So, by Facebook designating specific people as moderators to review posts and determine whether ...

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