Terrorism In Our Country - Extremist Ideologies

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Terrorist groups have been wreaking havoc in many countries around the world. They are rumors around that they may be heading to the United States next to continue and achieve their goals. Why have they decided to come to the U.S? There are a few reasons as to why this could happen. One theory is that they experience strain. “When people experience enough strain, then they make ready recruits for activism… or terrorism” (Robison 2017). There are four categories of strain that one can experience. The first is grievance. They feel strain of alienation from mass society. They are the outcast in society; they are not integrated or regulated by membership in groups, work, family, faith, etc. The individuals that may feel this type of strain... View More »

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Extremist ideology consists of specific kinds of goals. The common extremists are Leftist, Rightist, and Islamist. Leftist groups believe that the only solution is a violent revolution that destroys a press of institutions: state, capitalism, imperialism, etc. Rightist groups believe the only solution is complete dedication return to the purity of the old ways or sometimes the free market. Islamist groups (or religious extremists) believe their only solution is violent restoration of the faith through God’s calling by purging the world’s infidels who are polluting theirs. According to the Global Terrorism Database, their trends have gone down in recent years. The most recent spike in leftist terror is back in 2001 with a huge number of fatalities. There is a total of 177 incidents that are listed for leftist terrorist groups. On the list of incidents happened within the last ten years, there were none that occurred in the United States. What could have attributed to the decrease in attacks is that these groups may have disbanded or even achieved their goals politically. There is also the chance they’ve disbanded, but members of these groups chose to join other terror groups with similar goals. Most of the leftist’s attacks that have happened occurred in countries in the Middle East, Europe, and South America. One of the attacks describes in Athens, Greece, two assailants opened fire on people standing outside of a Golden Dawn party office in the Neo Iraklio area. This attack resulted in two party members being killed and one being wounded. The Militant People’s ...

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