The Rhetorical Failure Of Jimmy Carter As President

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An Analysis of the impact Carter’s inaugural discourse had on his presidency

Alexandra Eichner
January 5th, 2009
Professor Eisenhower
Communications 395

Every occasion in which the President speaks directly to his people is an occasion to be remembered, as it is these moments that define the rhetoric of the presidency. It is difficult to articulate the power of presidential rhetoric, and the subsequent impact that discourse can have on effective presidential leadership. However, the title of Campbell and Jamieson’s book, “Presidents Creating the Presidency: Deeds Done in Words,” offers some meaningful insight into the power of presidential discourse.... View More »

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Inauguration is a rite of passage, a ritual of transition in which a newly elected president is invested with the office of the presidency. The general qualities of epideictic rhetoric, coupled with the nature of presidential investiture, produce four elements that define the essential presidential inaugural address:
The presidential inaugural (1) unifies the audience by reconstituting its members as “the people” who can witness and ratify this ceremony; (2) rehearses communal values drawn from the past; (3) sets forth the political principals that will govern the new administration; (4) demonstrates an understanding of the requirements and limitations of his executive functions. In addition, each of these ends must be achieved through means appropriate to epideictic address; that is, while urging contemplation not action, focusing on the present while incorporating past and future, and praising the institution of the presidency and the values and form of government of which it is a part.
The reunification of the citizenry is a critical element of the inaugural address. America is a melting pot, a nation of individuals from different places, with different beliefs. The presidential election campaign underscores those differences and creates a rift in the American people as they stand divided in their vote for the future leader of the nation. The day of the presidential inaugural is the moment in which this divide ends, and differences are put aside as the president calls for the people’s unified support of his administration. In recognition of this, Carter ...

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