plastics and polymers

Case Study Of A Trading Company

Case Study: Creser Hong Kong Limited INTRODUCTION Creser Hong Kong Limited (Creser), established in 1998, specializes in sourcing and supplying waste plastics for recycling. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Creser operates in a global market via her well-established network. In the past ten years, Creser has been handling all kinds of...

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Forensics World Of Fibers

Wide World of Fibers Abstract The whole aim of this experiment was to identify and analyzes fibers in a forensic laboratory, and to see their reactions in different conductions. The main purpose is to try to find what the unknown fiber was among different fibers. The fibers which were used...

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Statement Of Purpose

I have always been fascinated by the intriguing world of chemistry right from my adolescent days. My father a chemical technologist himself has been instrumental Names like Dupont, Dow Corning, Degussa have been integral part of my growing years. Being raised in a family with this background my most natural...

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