Approaches To Muslim Integration In Britain And France

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What is the explanation for the alleged propensity of Muslims for violence? I don't think it has much to do with the Quran or any other traditional religious teaching. I think it is largely a response to unsuccessful modernization in most Muslim societies, a product of the absence of pluralism and liberty and open politics in those societies. It is also a product of historic resentment, particularly among Arabs, over what they feel have been great injustices imposed on them by the West.

Religion, Culture, and International conflict after September 11: A conversation with Samuel P Huntington' EPPC Online, 17 June 2002

After the scramble for Africa at the end of the 19th century, both France and Britain held colonies in Africa and... View More »

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The “success” of the 9/11 attacks in America encouraged extremist actions in other Western nations, most notably France and Britain, who have somewhat large numbers of Muslim immigrants and citizens.

Ethnic minorities continue to experience significant difficulties in Britain. Ethnic minorities make up 7.9%, or 4.7 million, of Britain's population. Of this, 22.8% from Pakistan or Bangladesh, most of whom are Muslim. In 2004 there were over 1.5 million Muslims in Britain, making up 2.8% of the overall population and comprising over half of the non-Christian religious population. In her study of social trends in Britain, Serena Hussain(2008) found that while Muslims were the predominant victims of overcrowding and “moderate deprivation” in British housing projects, they also had lower instances of educational success when compared to the indigenous White population(p. 51, p. 132). The results of these two factors have perpetuated the cycle of disadvantage, since few succeed in escaping their situation others are discouraged from trying. In France Muslims face similar circumstances. Where there are large numbers of Muslims in public housing , with low educational and employment opportunities, social problems and the phenomenon of “ghettoization” become more apparent (Bonney, 2008, p. 215).

The issues of immigration and refugees still inspire a fear of multiculturalism among white Britons. Finger pointing at the Muslim community has intensified since 9/11, and government policy appears to have hardened its stance. Since the London bombings by British Muslims on 7/7 that ...

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