Beautiful Satine From Moulin Rouge

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Satine is the beautiful and desirable highlight of the Moulin Rouge, where she works as a dancer, and a prostitute.

She has been a regular feature at the Moulin Rouge nightclub for awhile. Satine is cited to be the "star of the Moulin Rouge". It is assumed she worked her way up from the ranks to become the most coveted, and wanted, dancer and call-girl at the Moulin Rouge. She acts as the star performer, and the audience is introduced to her as the 'Sparkling Diamond' she sings and dances along to Diamonds are a girls best friend. Half-way through her routine, Zidler, her father-figure and confidante, confesses that there is a wealthy Duke in presence that night, and in order for him to invest, Satine will have... View More »

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To make matters worse, the Duke is waiting for her. Her calm exterior is replaced by fear as she orders Christian to hide, as she fears the repercussions of the Duke seeing them together.

Christian hides, and waits for her to finish. He helps Satine charm the Duke by reciting his poetry to her, ans she says it to the duke, but as she says the words, her eyes wander to Christian. The Duke in enamoured with her, Satine bluffs and says to the Duke that they should wait for the play to finish before they have sex. The Duke leaves for a few minutes, to return to her waiting for him.

Satine is devastated, the actual Duke is the typical pompous Duke, and she is angry with Christian for tricking her. But suddenly, she faints again. The Duke returns to find Christian and Satine on the bed, and he is angry, luckily Satine awakes and tells him that they are rehearsing for the play.

Satine and Christian invent the play on the spot, and Satine is impressed with his skill. With the help of Christians friends, they put on a rehearsal for the Duke and he is also impressed, but mostly with Satine. The Duke invests, and he requests that Satine is a part of their transaction.

Satine suspects the Dukes feelings for her, but she and Christian start to fall in love. The write the play together, and create a play-within-the-play where the Maharajah, The Courtesian and The Sitar Player represent The Duke, Satine and Christian respectfully. The play ends with the Courtesian and The Sitar player falling in love. Christian creates a song 'You Song' for her, and they are in love. Satine ...

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