Finances Of Religious Bodies In France

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In any country, finances of religious bodies always reflect the link between the State and the religions. Actually there are two different kinds of situation. A State can be laic that is to say that there is no state religion and so the finances of the religious bodies have to be only private. But a State can also be non laic that is to say that there is a state religion and so the finances of religious are partly public because there is no separation between these two entities.
France is well-known for being a laic state and this fact create consequences on the finance of religious bodies existing in this country: financing are in theory exclusively private (I) even if there are some juridical and factual exceptions (II).


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The article two of the law stipulates that “The Republic does not know, pay or subsidize any religion”. Hence finances of religious bodies are not coming from a public institution but by donations of private persons.

B) Inconveniences of this private financing
The rule according which finances of religious bodies must be only private has two main consequences. Firstly priests, rabbis, protestant ministers and imams cannot be paid by the State or any public institutions. They are not servants because their job is not considered useful for the general interest. Secondly, the religious building cannot be maintained or restored with the public denies. Actually this is the case only for religious buildings built after 1905 because those built before belongs to the State. Hence in that case the State has the duty to be maintained and restored it with the public denies.
These two consequences are hardly criticized by the religious bodies in France. Generally, they consider that the State should help them to finance new churches, synagogues or mosques and to restore it. A few years ago, the former Interior minister who is today President of the Republic, wanted the State to finance the building of new mosques. According to him, it was better that the State finances it instead of unknown rich people or dictatorial States who will after appoint imams from their own countries. This statement was very controversial because it was completely against laicity and separation between State and Churches. Finally a compromise was taken with the creation of a foundation to finance ...

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