Hans Christian Anderson An Ugly Duckling

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An Ugly Duckling
Hans Christian Anderson was a Danish author, poet, and playwright. He is best probably best known for his fairy tales. His fairy tales have been translated into over eighty languages. Anderson was born into a very poor family. However, with his father’s encouragement and a lot of personal ambition, Hans became a very successful writer. Ascending from the lowest class to become the greatest contributor to children’s literature, Hans Christian Andersen was the first Danish author to break from traditional Danish literature by adopting the perspective of the poor and suffering to create uniquely memorable stories.
Hans Christian Andersen began life in the lowest economic class of society. He was born into poverty on... View More »

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Even so, when this teacher moved to Elsinore University, Andersen followed him where he continued his education. After that, Andersen wrote “the Dying Child” which was inspired by the abusive relationship between them (.
Hans’ influences were his parents, his poverty, his benefactors and other writers. Growing up in poverty and suffering from neglect caused Andersen to indentify with the unfortunate and the outcast (Encyclopedia Britannica). In fact, his family spent quite some time without a permanent address. The "Ugly Duckling" is an example of how Andersen used his personal knowledge of suffering and abuse to demonstrate his belief that a person can rise above their physical appearance and social stature (Young Hans). It also demonstrates how Andersen indentified with the outcasts who were looking for their place in society.
Hans’ parents also had a big influence on his life. Hans was an effeminate child who loved to sing and dance. Hans’ father encouraged his love of the theater and fostered his imagination. He fueled Hans’ creativity by making him his own toys (Merriman). He often took him to visit at the local playhouse. As a child, Andersen memorized whole plays by Shakespeare and acted them out using the homemade wooden dolls. Shakespeare’s plays gave Andersen inspiration to become an actor (Young Hans).
Hans’ mother, Anna Maria Andersen was a washerwoman at the Odense Hospital. The Odense Hospital was a workhouse where Hans spent time listening to the inmates telling their folk tales. A superstitious woman, Hans mother also often told ...

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