Life Of Pi, By Yann Martel

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Life Of Pi, by Yann Martel, is about Piscine Patel (Pi). Pi lives in India with his family who owns a zoo where he was brought up in a Hindu environment. As he grows older he develops a want to practice two additional religions, he thinks there will be no problem since all religions have the same goal, his parents did not think so though. At age sixteen, his family decides to immigrate to Canada hoping for a better life. On the way, the ship brakes down and Pi was left stranded at sea on a lifeboat with animals from his family owned zoo. The interesting challenges and the dealing with his eventual return to civilization that he claims to have happened, erupts the argument between religion and science, believers... View More »

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”Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (The Holy Bible, Hebrew 11:1)” But, Religion is belief, a system of Faith. Anyone can go about their lives and not believe in a religion, yet, have faith in other things. Lets say an Atheist leans on a wall, sits down on a chair, or is walking on a bridge. The Atheist has faith in the wall to hold them up, they have faith that the chair will support them, and they have faith that the bridge won’t fall. These people (non religious people) have faith they won’t fall, because they blindly trust the people who made the object. Same for religious people, only they have their faith and trust in God. Religious people, who go to church, go for one reason, to get closer to God. Having a better relationship with God, allows them to be saved from their sins, and get accepted into the gates of Heaven. This is a system of faith. Believing that being saved from your sins will get you into eternal life in Heaven, is putting faith into God and putting trust that the religion is real. Faith, there’s nothing concrete there, it’s all based on feeling, you believe what you want, whatever will make and help you feel better.
Islam, Hinduism and Christianity, all are very different and all share one common goal. Hinduism is more of a flexible religion compared to Christianity and Islam. In Hinduism, theres a cycle of birth, life, death, until you have reached the highest place in life. For Christianity and Islamic religion, depending on how well you followed the Holy book, you either get to go to Heaven or ...

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