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What angered me the most was
that they opened all the presents I was to give to my
uncle and his family. It’s also a very awkward feeling
to have strangers touch your underwear and open your
brand new box of condoms! My property was handled very
disrespectfully, but they were meticulous in searching
for whatever it was they would have like to find. When
they were finally done with me and I was approved to
proceed into their streets, all my belongings were
dumped in a heap, waiting for me to re-organize them.
I wasn’t allowed to touch any of my own property until
they were completely done with me and had left. Though
I knew it was their job, which I was reminding myself
as much as possible to keep myself from acting in a
hostile manner, I thought the whole ordeal was a
little excessive. I also witnessed from where I was
standing, that in the opposite corner the three Muslim
women on my plane were going through the same
interrogation that I was.

I know that I was searched and
questioned in the manner that I was only because of my
background, and any other Canadian coming through met
no trouble. It was a very frustrating experience for
me and unfortunately I will have to consider the
possibility of it happening again the next time I need
to travel. Over all, it’s a feeling of helplessness,
and loss of control. Aspects of my life that I’m in
charge of were in the hands of others, like my
freedom, my property and possibly a lot more than
that, if those who decided to discriminate chose to
take it further. Ultimately, in the worst case outcome
of my scenario, I could be detained with no charges,
according to the new laws to protect America. Having
gone through what I have, I am more doubtful of the
guilt of many detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba who
are being held with no sentencing. At least for those
who believe, we can still rely on karma in place of
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