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I was born on October 25th 1997 on a rainy Saturday at Good Samaritan hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. I believe that this moment is when my faith life journey began. Some may disagree and say that you faith life journey does not start until you are older. My mom was 21 and my dad 22. They both went to Cinncinati University and that is where they met. My mom was from Dayton Ohio raised as a conservative Catholic by a single mother. She was the oldest of 4 girls and took on many responsibilities. My father on the other hand was from Cleveland Ohio raised by two loving parents in a Baptist family. He was the middle child and very spoiled and did not have many responsibilities as a child. My father’s family was not as strong in... View More »

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I participate in community service not only for school but for my own personal benefit.
My mother was raised in a strong catholic family and attended catholic school from 1st grade through high school. Because my mother has been the source of my faith she wanted me to follow her footsteps. Preschool through kindergarten I went to Precious blood and for 1st grade I switched to Holy Angels. When I was 7 we moved to Cleveland and I attended Lakewood Catholic Academy for second and third grade. When I was 9 we moved and I switched to Gesu which was a Jesuit school. Gesu mean Jesus in Italian and was by far my favorite school I have attended. The main reason I liked the school is because they made it easy to become active in the community and in your church and I carry that with me to this day.
I have been raised Catholic since I was born but as I am growing up I am starting to drift away from the traditional Catholic ideas. I believe the Jesus is Gods Son that he was sent down to save us from our sins. I also believe that the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus through the Immaculate Conception, but I do not believe that we should worship, idolize, or pray to Mary. I also believe that Jesus died on the cross for us. I do not think that we should pray to Saints or have statues of saints. I think that is like worshiping other gods and in the 10 commandments it says we should not do that. I do not agree with the Catholic Church when it comes to confession. Why do we have to confess our sins to a priest when we can just ask God ourselves for forgiveness? I believe that God is ...

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