Shia Vs Sunni Muslims In Islam

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I looked in the mirror at the reflection of my best friend, shocked at her words. “We aren’t the same, Afrah. I’m Shia and you’re Sunni. You guys believe in the bad guys . . . ,” said Asma. My 9 year old mind didn’t comprehend what she meant, so I sat quietly as she tried to explain to me who the “bad guys” were and what crimes they committed. That night when I went home, I asked my mother why we believed what we did. She sat quietly and explained, “There are a lot of different beliefs in the world and not everyone agrees with one another.” Her explanation only added to my confusion. “But we’re Muslim . . . and so is Asma,” I protested. She shook her head and said, “Asma is your best friend. Her mom is my best friend. We are all Muslims,... View More »

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Those who opposed the elected Caliphs referred to themselves as Shi’at Ali (helpers of Ali) and eventually, just as Shia (4).

This divide grew deeper and deeper over time. There were a total of three Caliphs elected before Ali. The first was Abu Bakr, the second was Umar bin Khattab, and the third was Uthman bin Affan. The latter of the three, Uthman, struggled the most with the Shia-Sunni rift and other political pressures. During the last few years he served as Caliph, there was a heavily hostile atmosphere in Medina (the city from which the Caliphate was governed). He was assassinated by a group of Shia rebels who proclaimed their support for Ali in 656 AD and this led to the early inauguration of Ali as Caliph (4). Professor Fazl Ahmed, one of the leading historians of our time on the Caliphate, gives a very detailed description of the atmosphere under which Ali governed. After Uthman’s murder, the Sunni population cried for his murder to be avenged. There was a constant fear of riots in the city and the tension between the Sunni and Shia groups was at its height. Ali made the city of Kufa his capitol, rather than Medina as his predecessors had, in order to save the city of Medina from dealing with further civil and political issues. Ali didn’t want to take any drastic steps and cause a civil war, so he asked the people to wait until it was appropriate to take action on behalf of Uthman. However, many of the people saw this as weakness and support for the Shia population (Ahmad).

When members of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) family reached Medina and were ...

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