The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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This part of the book disgust a lot of readers, people around that age would not even thing of rape at all. This scene shows an image that can definitely be used as negative propaganda. The rape scene can convince people that Afghans constantly rape each other. There was another incident that occurred, Amir learn that Hassan is actually his step brother, Amir went in search for Hassan’s son Sohrab. Sohrab was adopted and taken away from the orphanage. At that time Amir learned the person who adopted Hassan’s son was the same person that bully Hassan, Amir learns that Sohrab was also raped by Assef. This image of adopting children from orphanages and raping them can heavily be used as negative propaganda.
Other than the subject of rape, there was numerous of violence and hate through out the book. The Hazara encounter many racial slanders against them. The Hazara are very low class type of people, a lot of Afghanistan people despise them. The Taliban, a terrorist group in Afghanistan is well known for their violent behavior against the Hazara. Hassan was one of the Hazara who stayed in Afghanistan, his wife was shot dead by the Taliban group. This can be use as propaganda as well. The Taliban and other hateful Afghans can show the message that they are murders and killers of their own people. There are many more little propaganda but for most part rape and violence seems to be the pop out. With this message can use to promote war to boost their mortal into attacking Afghans. The propaganda could cause a lot more people to hate them easier.
Overall it was an extremely sad book, with the disturbing images. It can really convince people to despise them. This however did change my view on the Afghanistan people, instead of giving into the propaganda message, I believed that not all Afghanistan are bad people. It is only the radical and hateful groups such as the Taliban that can promote the image of and View More »

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