Vinayaka Chaturthi The Feast Day Of Ganesha

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The feast day sacred to Ganesha, one of the most worshipped Hindu deities, is called Vinayaka Chaturthi (or Ganesha Chaturthi). It is held on the “brightest fort-night of Bhadrapada,” referring to the time period of August through September (Fuller, 1607). Chaturthi is held in commemoration of his birth, his ability to remove great obstacles from great undertakings and bestow great happiness and fortune (Gupte, 54-55). Ganesha is a very unique and fascinating god, which contributes to his popularity. He is the elephant-headed god, with a trunk and one broken tusk, short and stout stature, a round belly, pale colored, and four arms. He is usually riding on a rat and in each hand he holds a water-lily, conch shell, revolving disc, and a... View More »

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The Brahman was so excited at this surprising fortune and took a sensible amount of both home to his wife, filled with pride. After his wife worshipped, Ganesha blessed their family with success and happiness. (Mukerji, 16-18)

The second story linked to the festival is considered fairly crude but the lesson very meaningful. There were two neighbors, one was rich, the other poor. One day the poor man was suddenly extremely wealthy and his rich neighbor asked him how this had happened. The poor man told him that his wife had decided to worship Ganesha on the night of Ganesha Chaturthi. The god had been so pleased with their modest offering of a handful of sesamum and sugar that he personally visited their home and bestowed riches upon them. That night, the poor man and his wife were awakened from sleeping in their room by a voice in their small closet where the offering and puja—worship or religious ritual—had just been carried out. The wife thought it was a vandal, so she alerted her husband, and they both listened to the voice of, what sounded like, a madman. The voice said, “I am very pleased with you,” and even introduced himself as Chauth Gosain—another name for Ganesha—but the couple continued to think it was a crazy person in their closet. He then said, “I want to ease myself,” and “I want to make water,” and “I want to weep,” and “I want to laugh.” All to which the couple responded the same way, trying to humor him by saying, in a “semi-sarcastic” tone, that there were four corners in the little closet that he could do each of those things. The couple was kept ...

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