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Personality Theory

Thousands of philosophers, psychologist and psychiatrist have all expressed their individual concepts of personality. What is personality? How are personalities formed? How do scientists study personality? This paper will attempt to bring clarity to many of these issues. Different theorists have varying views on personality. This paper will help to bridge some of the gaps across many scientific disciplines on the subject. “Personality is a pattern of relatively permanent traits and unique characteristics that give both consistency and individuality to human behavior” (Feist, J., & Feist, G., 2009 pg. 2 Para 1).

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Each theory comes from a different expert in varying fields. Even within a single field there are plenty of experts whose perspectives differ even among one another. These dynamics point to the fact that each individual expert’s background in education, geography, culture, economic standing, gender, age and global exposure has tremendous bearing on their theory. With so many variables in play, a system had to be devised in order to serve as a bench mark or bed rock for comparing and contrasting the many different theories that exist on the subject of personality. This system that was created to align and evaluate all personality theories was created by way of a series of dimensions. Now every personality theory can be bench mark against these six different dimensions listed and explained below.

Determinism versus free choice test personality theory based on the concept that some psychologist say that behavior comes from outside influences, while other psychologist stat that behaviors come from internal influences. Those who believe that the environment, peers, conditions acting upon the body or any other external stimuli regulate behavior are determinist. Psychologists who believe that behavior is a function of the human will or a calculation of the human intellect are classified as free will. This is one way to help categorize any given theory on personality.

Pessimism versus optimism theories and personality will all eventually deal with the dynamic of motivation. Some explanations will be given as to what drives particular people to behave in certain ...

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