Global Warming - How It Has Directly Affected Society

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In recent years, there have been major changes in the climate of the earth. This situation is not unprecedented. For millions of years, there were shifting climate patterns which involved rising temperatures, followed by freezing temperatures as well as rising seas. Furthermore, the earth has experienced ice-ages in the past followed by a massive meltdown. Yet, all of these changes were gradual, but currently the changes are much more rapid and have already affected our ecology. If these trends do not stop, the effect on the future will be even greater.

One of the differences between global warming in the past and present situation, is that while in the past, the changes were natural. Currently, they are caused primarily by human... View More »

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A certain amount of global warmth is necessary, and the heat from the sun allows life on earth. Moreover, the thermal radiation that goes back to space allows earth to cool. Even a certain amount of green house gases are necessary; without them, the earth temperature would be much colder than it is today which would be harmful for agriculture, animals, and humans. According to, Riebeek, however, “What has scientists concern now is that over the past 250 years humans have been artificially raising the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at an ever-increasing rate ” (5). This process is continuing to increase and there seems to be no sign of its diminishing.

The problems caused by global warming are interrelated. They affect plants, animals, and human-beings because of the changes in climate. The article by Kennedy claims that, “The local-to-global focus of the study ranges from how climate changes are affecting individual animals and plants, such as in the timing of migration, breeding, or plant flowering; to local populations of the same species; to communities of species and their interactions within a single habitat; to major redistributions of assemblages of species within entire ecosystems” (1). For example, rising temperature cause certain birds to change their migration patterns and affect their feeding process. Kennedy quotes Eric Post who says, “The climate is warming earlier at lower elevations in the Rockies, but at higher elevations the thick winter snow has not yet melted so the robins can’t get to the worms and other invertebrates that are ...

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