Latin Borrowings In Middle English

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1. Contextualization.
The middle English period begins with the Norman Conquest and its most notable for its French influence, but Latin words were still being borrowed. It should be noted that many of the borrowed French words were originally derived from Latin words. During this period Latin was also know as the language of the intellectuals and was still being taught in schools, albeit through French. Students, who spoke English at home, were studying Latin via French, and their Latin pronunciation and spelling were probably French. Even if a word was borrowed directly from Latin it would be difficult to clearly say that it was a direct borrowing, because it may be pronounced in a French manner, so it is difficult to know how many... View More »

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As one can appreciate these words are, in first instance, to be use in professional and technical sectors of the society, but we know that they use is applied to other sectors. It should be noticed that many of them have one of this endings: -able, -ible, -ent, -al, -ous, -ive, which became very familiar in English.

2.1 Aureate terms
Aureate terms, which are direct borrowings from Latin, were a stylistic device that many poets, and even some writers of prose, used in their writings. Using such words as abusion, dispone, diurne, equipolent, palestral, and tenebrous, poets attempted what has been described as a kind of stylistic gilding, and this feature of their language is accordingly known as 'aureate diction'. This tendency began in the fourteenth century, back in Chaucer's time. In fact, it occurs in moderation in his poems. However, it is very common to find this stylistic device in the work of Scottish Chaucerians such as James I, Henryson, and Dunbar. One example of this can be found in the opening lines of Dunbar's Ballad of our Lady:
'Hale, sterne superne! Hale, in eterne,
In Godis sicht to schyne!
Lucerne in derne,29 for to discerne
Be glory and grace devyne;
Hodiern, modern, sempitern,
Our tern infern for to dispern
Helpe, rialest Rosyne!'
As one can appreciate the use of aureate terms makes the composition quite artificial. The poets who affected aureate terms have been described as tearing up words from Latin which never took root in the language. This is essentially true, but not wholly so. Some of these words have ...

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