Legal Issues Affecting Healthcare

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List 2 examples of legal issues affecting healthcare and describe how you determined your choices to be legal issues. In the health care field legal issues are found and discussed every day. In order for there to be a legal issue there has to be a situation done with negligence or against a patient’s wishes. From this unit I have learned about advanced directives. The purpose of and an advanced directive is to follow a patient’s wishes when they are no longer able to speak or communicate. If a doctor were to go against a patient’s wishes this could turn into a legal situation. In order for a situation like this to be made a legal issue there has to be a health care power of attorney, living will, or a pre hospital medical care directive.... View More »

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They both have the same factor when it comes to “playing god”. Most people think there are something’s that should not be done that could be considered improper human dignity. These are moral issues in the healthcare that question whether or not it’s the best choice for a patient that could save them or make them worse off. Fixing things that are not meant to be fixed or going against all odds.

4. Describe the impact your own personal ethics may have on your practice as a healthcare professional. As I think about my own personal ethics going into the healthcare field I wonder how my view may change with experience. I think personal ethics is the compassion you have in moral situations. Personal ethics affect your actions and emotions. Religious beliefs, experience, and culture affect how you act personally. I personally am not able to pin point my exact view on my own personal ethics. I don’t have religious views to the point where I would not want to receive treatment that may save my life in a serious situation. So I might find that hard if someone were to express their religious reasons behind refusing treatment. I think I will be able to know my own personal ethics as I enter into the healthcare field. I also think they will change over and over again with every experience and hard situation I face.
5. List 3 ideas that you have for keeping your personal and professional ethics separate: My personal ethics should be kept separate from my professional ethics for many reasons. How I feel about a situation may not be the same as another ...

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