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Many people perceive the challenges life throws at you in so many different ways, but for me I look to god for the answer. Although, I don't go to church every Sunday, I am a strong believer of heaven, hell, and the death that made our sins forgiving. I feel a strong sadness to people who do not believe or second guess the power of our lord because god is great.

I am very blessed in life. I have wonderful parent, family, and friends that I wouldn't trade the world for. My daddy, Junior Wilborn, is a hardworking family supporting strong man. He grow up not having a lot in life, But succeeded in life to become a very successful man. He works at progress energy as the lead maintenance person. He can fix... View More »

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I never thought for one second things could get worst. They told her she had stage 3 breast cancer. Then she had her surgery in august right after we came home from the beach. Which I should mention she didn’t tell us till the week of her surgery that she had it. She went for her post op checkup, they told her the types of chemo she could take. None of them seem the least bit safe for anyone. Frist choice could damage your heart and leave you with a lifetime of complications. Second choice was her hand and feet would tingle the rest of her life. Both she would lose her precious hair that she adored. We all weight the different choices and choose the heart one. When she started it her hair fell out within 2weeks. She asked if we could shave it but for me that would be one of the hardest things to do. She loved her hair so much and for something to take that away killed me. As little as hair is to lose than your life it was a huge pain in our hearts. I couldn't do it. So therefore my aunt came to do it. As Chemo went on, she then had to take a three thousand dollar shot every time she took chemo so her bone marrow would stay strong. Chemo took so much out of my mother that when I thought about it I asked god why my mom the happiest women that I knew. Why is my family faced with such a bad omen? Next was radiation for six weeks every single day. Driving to Duke everyday was extremely costly. Not to mention everything she had to do would put us in debt. It cost me failing a class in high school due to lack of sleep and never having the time to get anything done. My mother is ...

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