Protesters Gather At President’s Office

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The article being discussed in this paper is from the Northern Star. It is titled “Protesters gather at president’s office” found on the front page of the Northern Star’s 118th volume, 28th issue. The article is about a group of protesters trying to negotiate a deal with the university. They are trying to fight for higher wages because many employees have not received an increase in their wages in over seven years. The protesters argue that the wages these employees are receiving are not enough to make a decent living. A common sociological concept seen in this article is deviance and social control. The theory of functionalism and conflict theory is also seen in this article.

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In the normative approach, this group of protesters are considered deviant simply because they are doing something the average group of people would not do on the day-to-day basis: protest. When considering the concept of social control, the employers and administration is trying to apply direct social control onto the protesters by giving them what they want, which are the sanctions to get them to comply to the norms again. They are giving the protesters what they want to silence them. This is an example of conflict theory because the rich are using their power to restrain the protesters by giving them a little bit of what they want, but not enough for them to lose their place; and the poor protesters are satisfied with what they are given. Functionalism is also seen because the protesters are fighting these richer and more powerful people and working towards gaining more money for their jobs. This also provides the jobs in the University because there is currently a threat of quitting their jobs in search for better paying ones; employers complying to the wants and needs of these protesters would cause them to stay.

Krause, J. (2017, November). Protesters gather at president’s office. Northern Star, p. 1. ...

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