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6 million, and sorting the recycled materials cost $1.1 million plus the $325,000 in interest payment on the recycling facility. Consequently, recycling actually cost the county over half a million dollars. While environmentalists argue recycling was never about saving money, the actuality of recycling is much more devastating and disastrous. Despite suspicious promises and earnest intentions, recycling programs across the United States have proven an expensive economic and environmental flop.
However true all of these ideas may be types of recycling are environmentally negative towards the ecosystem. Chemical recycling refers to the chemical breakdown of beverage bottles, back to monomer, with adequate manufacture of new bottles from the recovered and purified monomers. This is thermodynamically environmentally negative, as chemical bonds must be broken, and it costs much more energy to do this than to keep the bottle in solid, polymerized form, and just clean and re-extrude. But, plastic bottles and containers cannot be sterilized. The only possible solution is to make bottles and containers that can be sterilized. During the time of the first Earth Day in 1972, it was believed that refillable glass beverage bottles were “good” for the environment. Millions of mothers today can remember the milk man collecting and refilling glass milk bottles from house to house. From today’s society, million of the future mothers will remember hauling garbage bags full of plastic milk containers and bottles to the curb or local recycling facility. Without questioning, America has taken recycling in with open arms. This blind faith in such things as important as the environment will only lead father away from success. In reality, apathy will be the destruction of Earth, not war.
Moreover, only about 35% of your recycled waste actually becomes reusable material. Since, again, there is by no current means a way to sterilize an empty plastic bottle or reuse it once t View More »

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