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What is the relationship between social workers and Christianity as the practitioners’ faith for female adolescent client outcomes in urban settings in Minnesota?

I feel that this question falls in line with structural functionalism. The basic premise of the theory is relatively self-explanatory. It is looking at how the different interdependent parts of a social system (government, education, health care, religion, etc.) come together to form something that is functional and meaningful; i.e. a society. I feel that this theory fits this question because this question assumes that the needs of a client can be served effectively due to a social worker’s worldview, in this case Christianity. ... View More »

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There are two variants on this theory, the other being social constructivism. In a basic since constructionism is looking at how reality is constructed from the social interactions of a group and agreeing upon interpretations of concepts and observations. I feel that this theory fits this question because this question is looking at new frameworks that are created as members of a group come to agreements on interpretations. In this case, the social worker is having to reconcile their worldview, influenced by the practice itself and Christianity, and comes into agreement with other practitioners and clients on interpretations. This creates new frameworks for the practitioners who profess Christianity as their faith and those they are working around, with, and for. An interpretation of reality now exits that did not previously. This question is looking at how this shift happened.

How does Christianity affect how Social Workers, who profess this as their faith, interpret the NASW code of ethics?
I feel that this question falls in line with social constructivism. This theory deals with reality being constructed by society and that reality is separate from our interpretation of it, therefore an objective reality cannot truly be found. There are two variants on this theory, the other being social constructionism. This one is basically looking at how the individual constructs their reality from the interactions of the group they are in. I feel that this theory fits this question because this question is looking at how the social worker is looking through a ...

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