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The only problem with this huge medical breakthrough though is the life that is lost after the stem cells have been extracted. The embryo is destroyed and cannot develop into a human being once the stem cells have been removed. This is where the research is not so much black and white anymore but it is a really tough gray area. The embryo’s that are commonly used are coming from fertility clinics where they have an unwanted surplus. There is no way to dispose of the excess embryos that aren’t used and most get destroyed (Robinson, “Background “ 1). The scientific world and religious values meet face on when scientist view the embryo as a potential gain in the medical world and religious conservatives view the embryo as a life killed. Religion plays its part when pro-lifers are fighting for those frozen embryos and for protection because they feel that embryos have a soul and that they are an actual human being. They see the extraction as murder for medical experimentation on human beings. Can the embryos ethically be killed in order to harvest their stem cells and should federal funding support this type of research? When this issue was put in front of Bush’s lap in 2001, his platform had originally banned the research but then decided to give stem cell research limited funding from the government and the research would be limited in what scientists could do. There were 60 stem cell lines that already existed that were already being cultured in labs. The 60 stem cell lines are all researchers had to work with once Bush allowed the limited research. The only problem with those lines is that most of them had become useless to research because they were not in good enough shape and they lacked ethnic diversity (Robinson, “Can President Bush” 1).
President Bush stated, “As I thought through this issue, I kept returning to two fundamental questions. First, View More »

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