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Intro Sample...

You may want to restructure the format, add or delete categories and otherwise make changes that will result in a more accurate description of your background and goals. Make sure you provide necessary information for someone to contact you (e-mail, address, telephone number … etc).

Please keep the resume to two pages or less.

Your Name here

Area of Interest: Structural, Geotech…

Campus Address:
17 Gold Nugget Dr.
Worcester, MA 01601
508 450-5555
[email protected]

Permanent Address:
74 Heineken Cr.
Chicago, IL 01609
508 867-5309
e-mail address
Objective: To obtain an entry-level position in Civil Engineering with a focus on
environmental/structural … etc engineering. Primary areas of interest include …..

Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, (date)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts

• Interactive Qualifying Project: “title of iqp” (one or two sentence description or a.pdf file reference that is available on-line)
• Major Qualifying Project: “title of mqp" (same)

Background Courses Include: (add/remove)

|Analytical Mechanics I |Surveying |Environmental Engineering |
|Analytical Mechanics II |AutoCAD |Water Treatment |
|Highway Engineering & Planning |Materials of Construction |Wastewater Treatment |
|Construction Project Management |Thermodynamics |Hydraulics |
|Architectural Engineering Systems |Intro to Analysis and Design |Fluid Mechanics |
|Urban & Environmental Planning | | |

Employment: list employment and dates (start with most recent)
Ex: ABC Corporation, Worcester MA May 2002-May 2003
Performed, managed, etc…..

Computer Skills: AutoCAD, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Primavera, …

Your Name here

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Additional Information:

Professional Memberships: ASCE, Student Member, …

Honors and Awards: Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon… View More »

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