Why People Will Find It Difficult To Choose Where To Purchase

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People will find it difficult to decide where to purchase when a particular product brand is available in multiple retailers. Since consumers will spend much more time and effort to do the research for high involvement products, factors like price, after-sales services, familiarity of the brand etc. will affect consumers’ decision. However, people will not struggle in where to buy the low involvement products, because they tend to put less effort and time into these products.

Retailer is the one who sells goods or services directly to the consumers. A particular product can be available in multiple retailers. The aim of this report is to discuss why the consumers might find it... View More »

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Thus, for specialty stores who sell high involvement products, it is necessary for them to keep store personality consistently with both the product personality and consumer’s self-concept.

High Involvement Products in Non-Specialty Store
Non-specialty stores have various brands within a particular product category, such as electronics, furniture, cars etc. A same product in non-specialty stores may normally has lower price than it is in specialty stores, which is one of the salient advantages of non-specialty stores. For example, there is an online website called Reebonz, which sells a range of luxuries including bags, watches, wallets and shoes for different brands such as Burberry, Christian Louboutin etc. Its product prices are relatively lower than in-store because the taxes are exclusive and discount included.

(Source from: http://www.reebonzaus.com.au)

Assuming that a consumer wants a Yves Saint Laurent handbag and she is not a loyal customer for YSL. There is the same handbag available in both Reebonz and YSL store with 15% off the price and full price, respectively. The consumer is more likely to buy the handbag from the Reebonz than from YSL store because what matters to her is the price-quality, other than the store image (Hamilton & Chernev, 2013).

However, a consumer who is fully support YSL will not purchase any YSL products outside the YSL store. What she concerns the most is the match between the brand personality and her self-concept. The image of YSL store is exactly the brand personality the consumer needs while other retailers ...

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