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Random acts of sabotage occur against soldiers and the coal mine. The invaders, under orders from above, impose repressive measures to keep the production going. Their commander follows his order knowing that, in fact, there is little hope of stopping the sabotage for more than a few days at a time. The conquerors say of themselves and their futile efforts to defeat the undefeated motivation of the townspeople, "The flies have conquered the flypaper!" Soon, all semblance of harmony is ended. The occupiers feel isolated and surrounded by hate. Coal production grinds to a halt due mostly to the fact that "Allied" planes have been dropping sticks of dynamite for the people to use to sabotage railroads, food supplies, power sources, and the mine itself. And as several of the invaders are murdered, they begin to realize that their hopes to be accepted as good men bringing a glorious New Order are coming to naught. The townspeople would rather starve and be killed than cooperate with the invaders. The officers and leading citizens are pawns in a fruitless ritual of death modeled on the enmity between Socrates and the accusers who forced him to drink hemlock.

Mayor Orden - the mayor of the townspeople
Doctor Winter - friend of Mayor Orden, beloved town doctor
Joseph - a servant of the Mayor
Annie - the Mayor's cook
Alexander Morden - attacked and killed Captain Bentick with a pickaxe and was sentenced to death.
Molly Morden - The attractive wife of Alexander Morden
Will & Tom Anders - flee town to England in order to escape the invaders and ask for foreign aid (weapons and dynamite)
Madame - the wife of Mayor Orden

The "Invaders"
George Corell - popular storekeeper, traitor, and spy. Colonel Lanser treats him poorly because he is a traitor.
Colonel Lanser - the head of the local battalion; a WWI veteran.
Captain Bentick - old, Anglophile; loves dogs, Christmas and "pink children." I View More »

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