Are Criminals Born Or Made?

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“Criminal behaviour is a form of rule breaking, mainly a violation of criminal law”. (Defining Crime and Studying Criminology and Criminal Justice, pg 20). However deviances, is not similar to crimes definition, but is more of a social or traditional definition, which is accepted by the society, if a person behaves or acts out of the norms of society or standards, they will be labelled as deviant, but not criminals. This also could be breaking the custom law, but still not seen as a offender as it is not recognised by the Criminal law or legislation, basically custom law is not legitimate in the courts of law and legislation (Haralambos 2000). On the other hand, Crime does not only have one particular meaning;... View More »

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This is where it originates from, by weak attachment between parent and a child and in families where parents fail to distinguish and correct their children’s wrong behaviour. This shows the importance of attachment between parents and children, however Farrington (1996) also stated that in order to prevent crime in a child life, they would need at least one parent in their lives.
Nonetheless Pakes, F. Winstone, J. (2007) p.3 stated that ‘psychologists are concerned with the social factors and psychological factors that contribute to the offending behaviour’. They look at the psychology side to explain criminal behaviour and the social factors around us. This shows that psychologists do not entirely blame the offenders, but there is more to the reason why they commit offense or crime. To explain further Pakes and Winstone use real life stories, from Bretherick (2006) case study; to see what made the criminals commit such an offense in reality, which is called “narrative individualism?” The case study describes the infamous criminals, and in their past to search for a firm main events or situations that may have driven them to offend. Ressler and Shachtman (1992) concluded after interviewing the serial killers in US prisons that the various offenders would identify certain event that set them off on to destructive violence; such as being subjected to sexual or physical abuse or possibly witnessing violence in the home, which could also later act as a trigger to violent behaviour. Here it shows that how small things such as witnessing violence can become a trigger for the ...

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