Arguments For And Against The Afghan War On Terror

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The U.S war on terror focused on Al Qaeda is more an emotional war than a practical one as Al Qaeda is just a small fraction of the Taliban, therefore we should stop wasting lives and money for a mission that is absolutely impossible.

Almost ten years ago the Al Qaeda terror network, at the time harbored in Afghanistan, attacked the United States of America. (When the last clouds of ash got extinguished, a wave of anger and fear among our citizens caught fire.) (And there where many people fell asleep forever, an army awoke.) (There, where one nightmare had found its ending, another was about to begin.) As an answer on the terror attack of September 11, the Bush administration started the so called “global war on... View More »

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Bush rejected the Taliban`s ambassador`s intention to deliberate and the war had begun. The United Nations reported a humanitarian catastrophe: over 20.000 U.S fatalities have appeared in Afghanistan and the soldiers who left as vivid and prosperous young man have returned as damaged, empty souls. According to Psychiatric services, 25 - 56% of returned soldiers suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder, depression and reintegration problems.
But, according to Bush, the final result is worth the sacrifices. To prevent terrorist attacks in the future, to save the world of western society, we should keep aiming our attacks at Afghanistan. Obama emphasizes that the war will not last forever. The American and international troops that are present in Afghanistan at the moment will attempt handing over responsibility to Afghan authority. We`ll see whats happening on the ground, and then we`1l decide, it will be a military decision Consequently these troops will be withdrawn by July of 2011. The additional American and international troops will allow us to accelerate handing over responsibility to afghan forces and allow us to begin the transfer of our forces out of Afghanistan in July of 2011.(wikileaks report 2004-2010) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Dec 3, 2009.) To make this a succes, we also need the help of neighbor countries. Pakistan`s government (CSI) is following a clearly laid out policy in order to fight terrorists.(ny times, wikileaks) By doing so, Obama wants to suggest maintaining power over there ...

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