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We often ask ourselves many questions due to the issues arising in our modern day society. Many of these issues we cannot fully comprehend and through only the external voices and warnings can we fully come to terms with the ethical and controversial issues plagued throughout society. Aldous Huxley's Brave New published in 1932, speaks of a society structured on three common values; community, stability and identity which are all controlled by an overseeing world state. A world where ‘everyone belongs to everyone else’, where promiscuity is encouraged and rewarded, certain drugs are used to numb ‘normal’ human emotions, so that the illusion of peace can we kept and the continuation of... View More »

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It creates divisions." Through this we can see the compression drawn between Huxley’s interpretation and the current destination of technology. Huxley predicted a world where structure separates the citizens into five groups, the result being that a given individual is little more than a faceless, color-coded member of a larger group, and despite the fact that our world in not yet like that there is still the potential for Huxley’s vision to come to fruition.

Within our modern western society today, sex is generally and most commonly referred to as an act of love between a married man and a married woman, husband and wife. However we can see this ideology abolished and redesigned into something that hold no value, no sentimental anguish and no discretion within the society of Brave New World. In this scientific dystopian expanse, sex is emotionless, impure and almost beast like, it is promoted towards all ages and thought “out of the norm” for those who do not partake in “orgy porgies.” The text promotes the idea and principle of casual meaningless sex, something which civilized societies are beginning to incorporate into average lives and becoming commoner and commoner as time passes, which serves to warn us, is out future heading in the predicted direction of Huxley’s brave new world? The act of casual sex results in the dehumanization of the act and the underlying absence of commitment, which thus follows, all developing through the characterization of Lenina Crowne. This lady is known citywide for her promiscuity and is most commonly referred to as “pneumatic” not ...

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