Chronicle Of A Death Foretold - The Hand Of A Dead Man

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The possibility of death hovers over the characters of the movie Hunger Games and the book Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Within the first chapter of the book Chronicle of a Death Foretold, the author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, tells the reader outright that Santiago Nasar is a dead man by stating that Pedro and Pablo Vicario “were going to kill him” (1) in the very first line. Although the conclusion is immediately revealed, tension and build up still advances as the author progressively reveals how it all happened and that it was only fate for Santiago to die because he already had a hand that felt “frozen and stony” (12) from the start. The famous line in Hunger Games, “may the odds be ever in your favor”... View More »

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Because districts such as eleven and twelve were in such a low state of poverty in comparison to pampered districts like one and two, districts twelve and eleven did not want to have anything to do with the Hunger Games. The last thing on Katniss and Peeta’s mind was to murder twenty-three other people for the entertainment of others. One character who sympathized with Katniss was Cinna. He told Katniss that he was sorry for her and that he was there to “help [her] in any way [he] can” (0:29:57) rather than just be another person in the story not helping Katniss, just as most of the other townspeople in Chronicle of a Death Foretold.

Regardless of innocence, death and murder play an active part in both stories. In Hunger Games, the twenty-four chosen tributes, all innocent children, are turned into murderers in a quest to survive and return to their families. For a district such as district one, the games are merely for honor and their children are trained to be murderers in the games, where as in district twelve, survival is everything and family bonds are stronger in comparison. Katniss is a hunter who is adept in using a bow and arrows; she is skillful and physically able enough to kill, but it takes a knife, javelin, or sword to the face for her to kill another human being. She kills to protect and survive rather than to win, such as when someone aims a javelin at Rue. A moment such as that is when Katniss takes action and shoots him right in the chest and becomes a murderer herself. Katniss is not one to necessarily want to kill, but has to kill. Just like the ...

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