Comparing Odysseus And Telemachos In Homer S Odyssey

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Both Odysseus and Telemachos are tangled in several battles throughout the Odyssey. They have to overcome very similar sufferings. Though the relationship between them is father-son, but morally they are very different. In Homer’s Odyssey we see the difference of their characters. At one side the epic hero, Odysseus is the toughest man of the world. He survived in one of the worst imaginable war for 10 years. He fights with the god of the sea for 10 years and survive. On the other side young Telemachos is far less experienced than his father. He doesn’t has to go through as many difficulties as his father did. Though he has a lot of potential in him, yet have to go a long away to be as great as his father. Throughout the Odyssey the... View More »

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That’s what separates him from Odysseus. Though he decides to fight and win in the end, but the bravery and courage that Odysseus shows makes the difference. Thus the difference in bravery of Odysseus makes him the epic hero than Telemachos.

Odysseus’s unbelievable strength is another quality which establishes him in his supreme position. Because when it is about power and strength, there is no one who can compete with him. Telemachos is also a very tough person. But comparing to his father, Odysseus is unquestionably the strongest person. When both Telemachos and Odysseus try to string the great bow, we clearly see the difference of strength between them. At first Telemachos takes the challenge. He tries to string the bow with all his power. Though he goes very close to string the bow after three attempt, but eventually he couldn’t. Homer describes this incident in his Odyssey as,
He went then and tried the bow, standing on the threshold.
Three times he made it vibrate, straining to bend it, and three times
he gave over the effort, yet in his heart was hopeful
of hooking the string to the bow and sending a shaft through the iron.(21.124-127)
Though Telemachos is unable to string the bow, he goes very close to string it. There we see Telemachos also obtain a good strength in himself. He might be able to string the bow if he did get another chance. But Odysseus proves his legendary god –like strength again, when he string the bow without any strain in front of the suitors. Homer designates Odysseus strength as,
once he had taken ...

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