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The criminologists' main purpose is to master crime and the various aspects that lead to criminals committing crime. For this purpose, they must study and understand human behavior, this where a strong background in Psychology or Sociology plays a main role. Criminologists also help shape public policy by advising the policy makers how their policy will impact society when it comes to law enforcement.
Not all criminologists have the “glamorous” job of profiling famous criminals or being commentators on news programs, but most do the difficult and tedious work of collecting, cataloging and reporting on crime data. This is the beginning of most criminologists’ careers. Many use their Criminology degree to become law enforcement agents, such as police officers, FBI agents or medical examiners. Others go into the educational field and teach or conduct research. A criminologist develops profiles of criminals and criminal behavior using research and studies that examine psychological behavior, social issues, environmental factors, education levels and biological factors. Criminologists also make crime statistics into usable tools for law enforcement agencies. By developing profiles and organizing statistics into meaningful information, a criminologist tries to develop strategies to help prevent criminal behavior. Private security companies, state and federal correctional systems, drug enforcement agencies and the US Customs all employ criminologists as well.
A criminologist must have a genuine interest in human nature and in helping to improve society. Other important traits include communication, listening, analysis and research skills. A criminologist must have a creative, analytical mind, a strong ethical sense and integrity. Pay is often low for those who have only an undergraduate degree and work for a government agency. For those who wish to move up in prestige and pay, an advanced degree is recommended. Those wishing to teach will nee View More »

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